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Robot Dynamic 500

The EROWA Robot for heavy duty work. Modular, standalone or linear track, ..

Fixed position loading Systems

Handling devices for heavy pallets Installation beside machine or robot ma..

Robot Compact ERC

Just 2m2 of space required. Twin machine loading. 30 Kg transfer weight

Robot Easy ERE

For heavy and large pallets. 250 Kg transfer weight.

Robot Multi ERM

Single or twin machine loading. Large magazin capacity. 80 Kg transferweig..

Robot System ERS

Flexible configuration. For all processes. Multimachine operation. Trasfer..

Robot System Linear ERSL

Serves up to 8 machines. Linearaxis up to 20 meters. Transferweight 130/20..

Robot Dynamic ERD

Flexible layout, standalone or rails, transferweight up to 250 kg